Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary!

I'm a bit late in posting this... but the 17th April was our 15th Wedding Anniversary!!
And as is our tradition, I got a red rose for every year! (Yep - starting to be worth it now!) I've warned Colin that this tradition isn't going to get any cheaper... but he insists I'm worth it - isn't he wonderful?! (Wondering if we'll have to remortgage the house when we reach our 25th though... let alone if we reach our 50th!)

I consider myself so lucky. I was so young when we got married (I was only 17 when we first got together), and so many couples grow apart. We are lucky to have grown up together.
We went off and travelled together and had all our amazing "growing-up" experiences together - which has made us not just husband and wife, but best friends too.

What a lucky gal! So, here's to 15 years of marriage... and a lifetime more to come!
Shannah xox


Kim said...

Hi Shannah! Congrats on your anniversary. What beautiful roses!Kim stampinscrapnewbie

Stephanie said...