Friday, April 25, 2008

Extra Happy Mail!

It was so exciting today, because I got loads of Happy Mail from all my SCS PIF friends (7 Happy Mails in one day!)
They were all posted on different days, but arrived together (strange?), so we decided they must have been a little nervous travelling all the way to Australia and decided to fly together! (safety in numbers!)
But I also want to thank Sandy (Swap4Fun) who has sent the CUTEST card and extra PIFs! I mentioned that I can now walk with my ankles, but that I make a pretty good penguin impersonation.... so she's sent me a penguin card and images! I LOVE it! Totally cracked me up! It was both the funniest and sweetest card at the same time!
So thanks Sandy - you absolutely made my day! And thanks everyone (Listed on the Thank you thread) for all the fabulous images I've received so far - you guys are awesome!!
Shannah xox


Monica G said...

Great to hear you're feeling a bit better! Missed you the last few nights.

Newstampinaddict said...

That is sooo cute! Now it's your turn.... 2 cards = images remember?

Sandy said...

I'm so glad you got your card and penguin images Shannah!!