Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some News!

Well I finally have some news to share!
As most of you who read this will already know, I have been unwell for several years, seeing doctors and specialist and having all kinds of tests, with the diagnosis being Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromyalgia and an auto-immune disorder.
I've been housebound, gradually losing more of my mobility, and ability to live a functional life.

Well, the great news is.... I went to a new specialist. He was recommended by friends of the family as "a miracle worker". He is a regular physician, with a concentration on undiagnosable diseases, and incorporates Homeopathy and Alternative Therapies in conjunction with modern medicine.

I was very impressed by my first visit, but reserved judgement... I'd been down this road before! He ordered several in depth blood tests (so many that it required 3 seperate visits).
Long story short... he has discovered that I have Hashimoto's Disease, Diabetes, Extremely low Vitamin D levels (should be 150-200... mine are 3!), likewise with Vitamin B12, and my Adrenal and hormone levels are all over the place.
Looking at blood test results from previous years it seems the Hashimoto's - a Thyroid disorder - has been undiagnosed for over 3 years!
No wonder I have been feeling a little unwell lol!
So, two more blood test results to come in.... but at lease this new doctor is looking in the right places!

And as I said, this is GREAT news. I can fight something once I know what it is! It's a little daunting at the moment, but I feel very confident I can now move towards a path to wellness.
And I might even have a little more energy to make some cards!
Heaps of Love,


Dana said...

OH YEA!! That is fabulous!!! I'm so glad you have a dx and can move to treatment! Here's to feeling better!

JenMarie said...

WONDERFUL that you can know what to treat now!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

WooooHoooo for a diagnosis!!! It's such a relief to get it and then start your plan of attack!!! HUGS!!!

Nilla said...

Glad to share the good news with you, and glad you found my blog and I found yours. Hope to see more of your work, if you have the strength! See you in Blog land! Hugs Nilla

Iris said...

This is wonderful for you, hope you are feeling better soon!

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my candy! Good luck!


Anki said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. We need doctors that does not only look for one thing - and are open to altern. medicine as well. Good luck to you and also good luck in the chance to win my blog candy. Kram - Anki

stuffie said...

wow. Hugs gurlie! So glad they now have a name to place on some of the issues... now you can attack and treat it ! Go Shannah!!