Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've Got Some Explaining To Do... ;)

Hi Everyone!
You know how there's 'crazy'.... and then there's 'CRAZY'?
Well I have some news that's a little bit of 'crazy/funny', and a whole lot of 'crazy/amazing'!!

The 'crazy', (but totally amazingly fabulous!) news, is that I am now a member of the "Sundays with Crissy" Design Team!! The 'crazy/funny' bit is how it all came together lol!

Here's a brief run-down for those who have been curiously watching my blog posts that appeared, changed, and then disappeared! Yep - it was confusing for me too!

It all started when I decided (at the last minute of course!) to pop a card in Crissy Armstrong's Design Team Call. Long story short, I got just a wee bit carried away and made like a dozen cards.... (well it's not like I'm short of Crissy images to play with!)
I decided that I'd make a series on my blog of Crissy's cute little images - telling her that they love me making them into cards... (yes I guess that's another meaning for crazy...)
I had a bit of fun with it, but after it was announced on Sunday's with Crissy that the new team had been chosen (and I hadn't heard anything), I started thinking about how silly these posts now looked.
So I removed all but the initial post - with an inclusion about never setting my goals too high again!!
What I didn't know is that Crissy HAD seen them, had chosen me for the team, but was away camping, planning to contact me when she got back!
After battling through a jungle of blog messages and emails, we finally made CONTACT... and my dream came true - I am one of Crissy's Crew!! (And guess what? Crissy is as fabulous as I always imagined she would be!!)

Anyway, you get the idea... Very silly indeed! And at least it explains my fabulous journey onto Crissy's Crew... Things that are supposed to happen work themselves out - even if it feels a little crazy along the way!! ;)

>>>> My first Sunday's with Crissy post will be on Saturday 20th August!! <<<<

So I thought today I would include some excerpts from the posts that brought this all about... just a few for those that missed them! (If you would like any details of the cards just let me know...)
You can see the first post HERE (I left it for posterity!) - And it explains my reasons for entering in the first place.

(Sunday's With Crissy #2 - Family Portrait)

Hi again,
This time my good friends, the Gothic Cows, have dropped in to say Hi, and to show Crissy that they were even willing to pose for their family portraits with me this week. It was such a great honor for me! Here's how they turned out...
They thought they were "Udderly Moovelous"! Thanks Guys! ;)
Ok that was BAD.... moooooving on!  (hehehe!) (...)

(Sunday's With Crissy #7 - I Treely Love You)

(...) When these two heard I needed some support, they just HAD to be involved! Unfortunately they were busy building their dam, but sent me this message of love and encouragement - aren't they cutie-pies?
Love you right back! "Dam Sweet Dam" little darlings!
Aren't I lucky to have so many fabulous image friends? (...)

Sunday's With Crissy #8 - I'm Diggin' Shannah

(...) Now my good mate Gordon has stopped his very important job just to quickly give Crissy the nod that I am a hard workin' sheila and would do my very best for her! I'll let him get back to work - but thanks buddy for your thumbs up!
Isn't he a good bloke?
Who'll be next?

Sunday's With Crissy #9 - Luigi's Special Delivery

 Buon Giorno!!
 Ahhhh Crissy!! My Amigo!! Shannah woulda fit into your team lika Pepperoni ona your pizza!!!
She is Bellisimo, and wanted me to make disa pizza especially for you! Buon Appetito!
 Thanks so much Luigi! You're THE BEST!!!
Love & Hugs,


Diane's Card Designs said...

All cards are gorgeous.
Diane :-) xx

Sandra said...

Love all of your cards and congratulations on your great news:) Sandra H

JenMarie said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats Shannah!!

Janice M said...

Shannah these are AWESOME! So sorry that I missed the original posts! You'll make a great addition to Chrissy's team, LOVE her stuff!

MaxineD said...

Congratulations Shannah - walking through your initial posts was hilarious, and I am so glad that all that effort has been rewarded.

Crissy Armstrong said...

So happy to see you repost these Shannah! Yes I agree with MaxineD, they are hilarious indeed! I'm so glad we finally connected all right, you're a great addition to the team!! XO

Carole of Brum said...

Oh Shannah, I didn't see these when you first posted them so I'm glad you put them back up. How nice of your little friends to come and help you out with the DT call, lol. CoB