Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well - I've just had a whole lot of fun making a new header (and then a whole lot of frustration working out how to get it from the site I made it on to here!)
But finally - I have a 'Title'. And wasn't the 'title page' always the best part of a new school year or project? (Certainly better than the actual work anyway!)
I'm gradually working out how to do things - and pretty soon I'll have a REAL blog!

See you when I work out how to add the next thing!
Cheers, Shannah xox


JenMarie said...

Hi Shannah! So glad your PIFing with us! GREAT new blog, LOOOOVE your header!
(And to answer your question on PIF, yep, GA is Georgia. I'm originally from Louisiana. Lived in Illinois from 2000 to 2007. And moved to GA in Sept of 2007. LOVE it here)
I always get so excited to 'meet' someone from Australia, my parents lived there a while.

Julie said...

Great to see your blog Shannah! I'll be checking in quite frequently I'm sure. My dh is also a police officer! (hobbywoman on the PIF thread)

Newstampinaddict said...

Gorgeous header! You'll definitely have to teach me where to get something like that for mine!! So glad that you are PIFing with us!!

Dana said...

Awww... you heading is beautiful! Great job!!

Stephanie said...

I love your header... I found an easy one for my blog and it really does not fit so I am looking for another one..great job!